At Your Side During Difficult
Life-Changing Times

At Your Side During Difficult Life-Changing Times

Holding Negligent Landowners Responsible

When you are visiting a place of business, you trust that you will be safe while you are there. However, an accident can happen to anyone, at any time, at any place. Spills in stores may not get cleaned up in a timely fashion, which may lead to a fall which causes serious injuries. Parking lots may not have proper lighting, which could increase the chance that an assault could occur.

If you find yourself injured because of the negligent acts of a landowner, you need to talk to the Law Offices of John D. Christy, P.C. Our founding lawyer, John D. Christy, has represented injured people in Georgia for over 30 years. He knows how to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

How We Can Help

We have experience with several types of premises liability cases, such as:

  • Slip-and-falls in grocery stores or department stores
  • Trip-and-falls on sidewalks outside a place of business or inside an establishment
  • Inadequate security at apartment complexes, bars or nightclubs
  • Failure to maintain property, including inadequate lighting and the lack of railings on stairways

In many of these cases, the landowner will be extremely aggressive in contesting your claims. They will try to make it impossible for you to prove that what you claimed actually happened. They may make immediate repairs to the area, making it difficult to obtain the evidence needed to support your claim.

We know the tricks that they will use to try to cast doubt on your story. We will prepare a very thorough case that collects evidence from those present at the time the incident occurred.

Mr. Christy will work tirelessly to resolve your case promptly, but, the opposing parties may try to make your life difficult. If they are unwilling to agree to a settlement, our attorney is ready for trial. Mr. Christy is an experienced litigator and knows how to present a case in court.

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