At Your Side During Difficult
Life-Changing Times

At Your Side During Difficult Life-Changing Times

Dedicated To Mediating Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation And Other Disputes

Resolving personal injury, workers’ compensation and other disputes can be a difficult and time-consuming process. In many situations, the parties find that they can reach a resolution more quickly by agreeing to mediation.

Mediation is a process by which an experienced lawyer or a Judge acts as a neutral third party, facilitating discussion and dispute resolution between the parties to a dispute.

A successful mediator requires a deep understanding of the goals and practices of each side. As an experienced attorney, John D. Christy has represented clients on both sides of the negotiating table for over 30 years. Broad experience allows him to successfully draw parties into the discussion, and help both parties arrive at a solution that suits their needs.

Regardless of where you live in Georgia, we have offices available in Perry and Macon and frequently travel throughout the state to mediate disputes.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation has a number of important benefits. Primarily, mediation brings humanity into the dispute resolution process. Parties who mediate their disputes are not treated as a case number or as an anonymous file in a cabinet. Through mediation, both parties can discuss their concerns face to face and arrive at a solution that they create together. Often, this can be done more quickly and cheaply than a litigated resolution.

Judges are increasingly recognizing the many benefits of mediated legal solutions. In recent years, more and more judges have begun ordering workers and insurers to undergo mediation before they attempt to litigate.

John provides mediation services across the state of Georgia. Mr. Christy is a registered mediator and a member of Adams ADR. To contact the Law Offices of John D. Christy, P.C., please fill out our online form or call 478-987-9000.