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Common forklift accidents that cause injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Work Injuries |

Many industries depend upon forklifts for various aspects of inventory control, facility management and general operations. These machines simplify many tasks, but they also come with some significant risks. Accidents with forklifts can leave workers facing workers’ compensation claims and lengthy recovery periods.

There are several types of forklift accidents you should watch out for.

Rollovers or tipping

Forklifts can roll or tip over easily when used improperly. An unbalanced or excessively elevated load, for example, can hinder stability. Uneven surfaces also increase the risk. All forklift operators and employees should have proper training on load capacity, forklift stability and terrain awareness to reduce the risk of these accidents.

Falls from heights

Forklifts falling from heights on a forklift can lead to a variety of injuries and complications. Loading docks, warehouse elevations and even semi-truck trailers can put forklifts at risk of falls from elevation. Guardrails and safety barriers can reduce the risk of a forklift falling.

Crushing incidents

Forklifts are heavy, powerful machines. Improper use can lead to many types of injuries, including crushing incidents. When a forklift operator fails to see a person in their path, this can lead to bystander injuries, including crushing. Mirrors, sensors and comprehensive safety equipment can improve visibility and reduce the risk of these accidents.

Forklifts led to 7,290 injuries with missed work days in 2020. The prevalence of injuries with this equipment highlights the importance of operator and bystander safety. The more you understand about the most common types of forklift accidents, the easier it is to establish safety measures.