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At Your Side During Difficult Life-Changing Times

Workplace injuries due to electrical accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Construction workers encounter an array of hazards in the workplace, from dangerous machinery to working on ladders and in high places. Many also work with electricity and find themselves surrounded by electrical hazards every day.

It is pivotal for construction workers to identify electrical accident risks and take steps to address an electrical incident correctly, especially since these accidents can lead to serious injuries and various financial concerns.

Electrical hazards on construction sites

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration covers different electrical risks that can result in workplace accidents. Many electrical injuries happen due to contact with power lines, such as someone using equipment that hits an overhead or buried power line. Exposed wires, short-circuits, insulation breaks and ungrounded systems also cause many injuries.

Broken extension cords and failing to use extension cords correctly can result in an electrical accident. Furthermore, some workers suffer electrical shock due to the incorrect use of equipment.

The impact of an electrical accident

When an electrical accident takes place, the incident could send a current through the body of the worker. This could result in burns and other injuries or even the loss of life. Electrocution can create many hardships in a victim’s life and affect their loved ones as well. For example, someone could have to take time off of work after an accident or stop working indefinitely, which could lead to emotional hardships and financial problems.

Sadly, many hard-working people continue to suffer injuries as a result of electrical accidents on construction sites.