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At Your Side During Difficult Life-Changing Times

Researchers ask: Are pedestrians more vulnerable at nighttime?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable people on the road in Georgia. The combination of drivers who are ignoring the speed limits, driving while distracted, behaving recklessly and driving larger and heavier automobiles has led to rampant concern about pedestrians. Researchers are conducting tests and assessing the statistics to try and find viable solutions to the problem.

For Georgia residents, it is important to be aware of the facts as they try to avoid accidents with catastrophic injuries. When there is an accident, it is likely that a pedestrian will face a long road to recovery. It is essential to have assistance in these cases and that can be achieved by consulting with professionals on negotiating settlements or moving forward with litigation as needed.

IIHS looks at nighttime dangers for pedestrians

Pedestrians are at risk every time they step onto a roadway. Still, there are times that have a higher chance of a crash. One is after dark. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is trying to find solutions. This is especially important in Georgia where the most recent numbers said there were 209 pedestrian deaths in the Peach State so far in 2022.

IIHS leaders say they are checking auto braking systems to see which vehicles are the best performers with detection of pedestrians, avoiding accidents and reducing their speed to account for the situation. It is beneficial to do this at night because an estimated 75% of pedestrian deaths across the United States happen after dark.

Its research came to the troubling conclusion that automatic braking systems are not as effective as hoped. More than half of the 23 types of vehicles tested were not given credit for safety. The automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems were shown to lose effectiveness at night.

During the day, 19 of the 23 were deemed superior. Since AEB is generally a standard part of a new vehicle, it is important to analyze the effectiveness to determine where improvements need to be made. Nighttime is one such time. This information comes out just as pedestrian fatalities throughout the nation have grown by around 80% in the past decade. For 2021, there were around 7,300 pedestrian fatalities, coming to around 20% of all road deaths.

When there is a pedestrian accident, people need to think about their future

Among the most vulnerable members of society to pedestrian accidents are young people and the elderly. For children and teens, the start of a new school year will automatically place them in jeopardy in the morning during rush hour and in the afternoon when they are heading home. Drivers are expected to be cautious near schools and where children congregate, but they often ignore their responsibilities.

A pedestrian crash can leave victims with an uncertain future, enormous medical costs, long-term needs and other challenges. Since personal injury from auto accidents is so problematic and pedestrians are at the top of the list for facing the consequences, those who were impacted must be prepared to pursue compensation for all they have lost. It is imperative to talk to qualified experts who know the ins and outs of legal claims after pedestrian accidents and can take the necessary initiative to help those who were hurt or lost a loved one.